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Congratulations to you! You may be recently engaged and if you are on our site….you are most likely getting married….soon!

I’m so happy you have stopped by:) I’m Kristen, the founder of Pacific Officiant. Being in the love industry for over a decade, I feel truly blessed and absolutely and completely…..#ilovelove 🙂

I am also so very excited to be launching Pacific Officiant! It has been a joy to license many officiants in BC over the years and to see a few established officiating companies launch and flourishing. It is now time for me to do this! Licensing and training people who are passionate about people, love, marriage, relationship, coaching and mentoring is another joy of mine and together this amazing team from all over BC and Puerto Vallarta are here to assist you and see you through the planning stages of your wedding and guarantee that your wedding ceremony be exactly as you have dreamed and anticipated.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and hearing your amazing love story!

With Joy,

Ask an Officiant: 5 Questions With Kristen Olynick

Describe yourself in 5 words

Loveable, fiercely loyal, caring, celebrant of diversity, and joy-filled. Oops! A couple of extra words in there ?

What’s your most memorable wedding moment?

A ranch wedding pops into mind. The groom galloped in on his horse but the horse spooked and the groom went flying. Ironically the horses’ name was Buck! Thankfully the groom wasn’t hurt but we all gasped… It’s not everyday that there are horses at a wedding.

What one piece of advice do you have for couples planning a wedding?

Be you. Be true. There are so many voices and so much pressure in planning a wedding. Stay true to what you desire; your personality, theme, values, etc. It’s YOUR wedding!

What is your favourite part of a wedding ceremony?

The KISS! Vows and rings are exchanged, the papers are signed…..time to seal it with a kiss! And I love moving out of the way and leaving the couple in this moment: complete marriage bliss!

The photo above is one of me moving out of the way so the couple could enjoy their first kiss. But here in the wet BC forest, my heel got stuck and my shoe came off and was left behind. The parent’s took this photo and we all got a good laugh. The story was told to other family members and I was asked to marry the bride’s brother this year. The fact that I kept going even after losing a shoe apparently spoke to family members and now I have the honour of officiating another wedding. Hoping to keep my shoes on this time!

And finally, what song always gets you on the dance floor at weddings?

“Shut Up & Dance” by Walk the Moon

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